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/ks. Tadeusz  

Prayer for World Youth Day in Krakow

Opublikowano: środa, 29, październik 2014 07:38

God, merciful Father ­ to whom youth of the world called once “Abba – Father” in Poland at the feet of Our Lady of Czestochowa – embraced with your fatherly care and love all young people gathered here for the World Youth Day in Krakow, and all who come here to celebrate thousand fiftieth anniversary of Baptism of Poland, that these days would became a solemn occasion to strengthen our faith accepted by our forefathers.

Lord Jesus, who said “you are the light of the world”, may young people be inspired by the example of sister St. Faustyna – the great apostle of Divine Mercy and St. John Paul II – Great Friend of Young, and their hearts be rekindle with the fire of Divine Mercy and they take this flame to every corner of the world, so that it radiance enlighten all darkness and was the source of hope to all men whom they touch.

Holy Spirit, we pray, that Your power flow into hearts and minds of all participants of World Youth Days -­ all who are engaged in preparation of this event, all Catholics caring for the future of their church and all who are just watching our initiative - let us rediscover together God’s will, plans and dreams for us and our future, which so often are behind our own expectations and help us to build a better world of tomorrow.


/translated by Luke Krzanowski from Holy Trinity Church, Westfield, MA, USA